Episode 1

Published on:

9th Jun 2020

Choosing the right dog for your family without bias!. Episode 1

Helping humans to make a good decision in choosing the right energy for their home.

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I Speak K-9!
In the past 30 years 90% of the people who have brought dogs to me for behavior solutions tell me they have tried everything, spent tons of money on trainers, looked into all methods and nothing worked. With that being hard for me to understand, I decided to do this podcast to help humans to believe and understand that 95% of the problem is usually the human. I can take a leash out of your hand attached to a dog I've never met and within minutes have it under control. Am I magic? No. Do I have a gift? Yes, but another thing I'm really good at is teaching the human to handle dogs the same way I do. I really hope you get alot out of this podcast. In being thankful for my gift, this is my gift to you...
Jenny Westmoreland

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Jennifer Westmoreland

If we could shake out head and get rid of all the junk, we would be a "dog"...
Wint Westmoreland
My dad~

The name "iSpeakK-9!" came from the fact that our founder can do exactly that, talk to dogs in a language they clearly understand. Let us teach you to speak K-9 as well...
Jennifer Westmoreland - Owner, Certified Animal Behaviorist, Trainer
Jenny has been training, showing, and breeding dogs for over 25 years. She has influenced several breeds, most notably Collies and Rottweilers, and has been active in many aspects of the dog world - not only conformation, but also obedience, protection, and herding, and she has a long list of titled dogs to show for it. She is educated in Certified Applied Behavioral Science and Experimental Pschology, but experience is what has given her the natural ability to communicate with the dogs on a level that is clearly understood by the animal. In her past, as a proven leading Trainer for a the largest Corporate pet company in the world, Jenny used her skills and her knowledge to train others in her methods, always encouraging young people to become pack leaders, and use body language to present yourself. Using many different training methods - positive reinforcement being at the top of the list, but understanding that each dog is an individual - she applies the appropriate method to give the dog every opportunity for a long, happy life with the right human. She is a Professional Premium Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT),
What truly sets Jenny's training apart, is that she is comfortable and confident in what she does. It is not really a learned method, as it is what comes naturally! Few people can really handle the dog in their own element, read the dog's body language and give you an enlightening picture into the dog's mind. Jenny can truly "speak K9", and she does it just as naturally as most people breath air or speak their native language.
"I am very blessed that God gave me a gift that I've been allowed to use to help the dogs that no one else can help. I don't abuse it and I don't get greedy. I was taught that looking into the eyes of the dog will help us forgive the ignorance of the human. That, alone has helped me save many dogs from being put to sleep or being re-homed." Jennifer Westmoreland